S C O T T Y | R O B E R T S O N

Scotty Robertson’s family moved to Phoenix, Arizona in the late 50’s. As a boy growing up in Phoenix, golf was the sport of choice as it was for so many.  Scotty’s father taught him what he could about the game but had little to offer and like so many Scotty became a victim of the game scoring in the 100’s for years to come. For twenty plus years Robertson played executive, par three courses, had a slicing 160-yard drive, and close to zero control with any club. By age thirty he had conceded his unfortunate fate as a frustrated hack.

Then one day, in one swing EVERYTHING CHANGED!

Scotty defines it as ‘waking up in the middle of a dream, but it’s real!’

In 1990 Robertson accidentally discovered his technique. In the first 30 days he went from a 160-yard slicing drive, to a 340-yard bomb with a slight draw and currently has a long drive of 421 yards. He suddenly could hit his 9 iron past his previous drives. It was dream like.

In 1990 Scotty began his journey to share his discovery with the world and was greeted with a traditional storm of non-belief. How could this be true?  The traditional pro and others gave Scotty little credit and held him in contempt due to the traditional tone in golf at that time. They were totally threatened and showed it with postured action.

It’s quite interesting that the man who thought he would bring joy to millions was denied entry because of his discovery looked so unconventional and was hard to believe.

Some say why didn’t Robertson play on the PGA tour if his discovery is so good. The truth is early on in his discovery Scotty was advised that if he could teach what he had found to others it could change the way the game is played forever. That was enough.  Scotty adds… “I wasn’t groomed for the sport whatsoever, so I didn’t have the temperament or consistent game to compete at that level, but hitting drives that few in the world can hit and pulling a pitching wedge at 150 yards with accuracy has its moments, plus the occasional 63 never hurt.

Scotty is Back!

With the ability to communicate today, Scotty is taking another run at this and is ready to set the game of golf on its ear! Millions of golfers can look forward to a whole new experience. Get ready for a change.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Scotty Robertson